CS Education Week 2021

Hour of Data Pilot (December 1 - 14th) Feedback:

"For someone who isn't the best with computers, this Hour of Data was very straightforward and informative. It was easy to navigate and was very interesting." —Student in Rhode Island

"I thought that the videos were very interesting, they were definitely what caused me to be engaged for a while since the data was very interesting." —Student in Rhode Island

"Really great lesson." —Student in South Carolina

"That first histogram was wack and hard to read. I ended up deviating from what the activity and used a bar graph instead." —Student in South Carolina

[Response to Wack: We LOVE that you dared to deviate from the activity and coded your own visualization!!!]

"This was excellent. I absolutely plan to use it with multiple classes, but especially AP Computer Science Principles. Data analysis is one of the concepts, and this is better than the resources I've used previously. Thank you for creating it!" —Teacher in Georgia

"All 10 parts were deemed useful, fun, relatively easy to navigate, informative." —Teacher in New Jersey

"I really enjoyed the activity. My daughter in college had to do a forced tutorial with Excel and Tableau, which was super cool EXCEPT the tutorial was missing parts and installing Tableau was a nightmare. I loved how everything in your hour was self-contained." —Teacher in Florida

"These [are] amazing lessons…which are the best I have seen ... I am absolutely blown away by the fun activities." —Teacher in Connecticut

"We did the animal collision data together online and it was fun. The instructions were clear and the graphs were easy to use. My students are now doing independently the basketball dataset." —Teacher in New Hampshire

Hour of Data Pilot (December 1 - 14th) Participation:

400+ Users

1300+ Engagements

100+ Cities

6 Countries

Thank you to everyone who provided feedback from the Hour of Data Pilot.

We look forward to making Hour of Data 2022 even better!